TIME MACHINE: Percezioni, memorie e transiti tra passato e futuro

AccueilTIME MACHINE: Percezioni, memorie e transiti tra passato e futuro

TIME MACHINE: Percezioni, memorie e transiti tra passato e futuro

Hors Occitanie
 Lecce, Italie

Du 18 mai 2024 au 31 mai 2024

Vernissage le 18 mai 2024
19h00 – 23h00

TIME MACHINE: Percezioni, memorie e transiti tra passato e futuro

The group exhibition of international contemporary art entitled TIME MACHINE: Perceptions, memories and transits between past and future opens Saturday, May 18, at 7 pm at the Renaissance venue of Palmieri Foundation in Lecce. The show, under auspices by the Municipality of Lecce, is curated by Dores Sacquegna. Exhibition catalogue on display.

The exhibition and the works

Telling Time, crossing it by following scientific or narrative trajectories that are different from time to time, is the idea that moves this new project curated by Dores Sacquegna. Time Machine, is a multidisciplinary contemporary art exhibition and that through artistic expressions such as visual arts, music, cinema, and performance, becomes a fluid archive, which is at once visual, sound and poetic, proposing different and unexpected places of reflection on the present. The exhibition is divided into two cycles and experiments with time as a transitory nature, revolving around the human condition between past and future. It is up to the viewer to decide from where and how to enter: one could start from memory and its de-construction to reflect on questions of identity, time, memory, history, traversing its discontinuities and temporary states or one could dwell on the idea of flux or landing place where nature is unpredictable, and time is irreverent.

In the first cycle on Archives of memory with the de(construction) of belonging include artists such as Nancy Barwell (born in Algeria, she lives in France) whose works are poised between the depth of their roots and nostalgia. On questions of identity, memory and survival are the micro-sculptures by American artist Ronald Gonzalez. On intertemporal and interspatial dialogue with history and the future, the video titled “Eva Clone Babel I” by Taiwanese artist Pey-Chwen Lin, between post-human, cybersexuality and towers of Babel. The preservation of humanity is invoked in two works by Luxembourg-based artist Margot Reding-Schroeder that invite us to reprogram ourselves in the vibration of life. Between classical art and contemporary imagery, research on past masterpieces in the textures by Italian artist Nunzio Lobasso with a work that pays homage to Monet. Nature and artifice are present in the imposing tetragonal plant titled “Post Xalento” by Italian artist Salvatore Sava, which plays on the memory of the olive tree devastated by the Xylella bacteria. Rising from the ashes is the phrase evoked in the work by New Mexico-based German artist Verena Schwarz and amid racism, poverty, dispossession, and marginalization, goes the film by French artist and filmmaker Clotilde Verriès present among others with pictorial works inspired by music and tragedies in the Mediterranean in which non-places emerge from the undone distances.

The second and final cycle is about Transits, drifts or landings with conceptual art of presence by German artist Eva Breitfuss, as well as new eras, geopolitical prayers and northward migrations by French artist Sandra Detourbet. Between imaginary itineraries, algorithmic matrices, and psychic automatism, respectively, the works by American artist Sara McKenzie and Austrian artist Marco Riha, based in Mexico. The condition of human frailty is investigated through stories of travail and isolation, of limitation and overcoming in the works by Belgian artist Gaka Mira. Attachment and detachment beyond timelines and life spans is in the video “Flux: on the road” by Turkish artist Deniz Sak, touring the Festival in Greece and the CICA Museum in Korea after a stop in Lecce. On simultaneity and randomness is the pictorial diptych by Greek artist George Syrakis. The ocean takes centre stage in the works by French-Mauritian artist Dorine Valorge, the transitional nature between decay and cyclicity in the video by Chinese artist Xieni Zhou, and tribal symbols of indigenous cultures in the work Ancestors in the Cosmos by Canadian artist Lajah Sage Warren.


During the opening, French artist Sandra Detourbet will perform “Spatio-Temporal Outbreak,” an electrifying sound and visual experience that mixes theatre, voice, dance, video art, and digital sounds, and Italian m° musician and conductor Alberto Nick Bolettieri will perform “Re-Construction Sound Machine”, a sound game that aims to reconstruct the timeline of rhythmic beats and melodic cells, proposing the interaction between the use of modern sound software and ancient wind instruments such as the trumpet and trombone. A unique time journey and Total Art performance.

TIME MACHINE curated by Dores Sacquegna
From 18 to 31, 2024 – Palmieri Foundation, Vico Dei Sotterranei, Lecce
Daily with free entrance: 16:30-20:30 (Morning and Sunday by appointment) Tel: +39 349 37 20659

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